Bids n’ Quotes™

Obtaining accurate, competitive quotes from vendors is a tough job. Material Management Software developed Bids n’ Quotes to simplify the request-for-quote process and increase transparency. With it, you can manage bids and compare quotes from multiple vendors, quickly and seamlessly, from field requisition through awarding the job.

One product covers all the steps.


Manages bids electronically


Turns field requisitions into complete bids


Sends bids to vendors electronically


Allows vendors to upload quotes


Compares quotes from multiple vendors


Issues PO once purchasing selects winner

An electronic jump ball for vendors.

Beyond price, Bids n’ Quotes allows you to invite multiple vendors to bid based on any criteria you like, such as material need date, vendor estimated ship dates, expected freight and geographic location. Line items are compared and total quotes are evaluated, and once you make your decision, the winning quote is returned to the vendor with a unique PO number attached to the quote.

Your company scores every time with Bids n’ Quotes. Like other Material Management Software (MMS) products, it integrates with your current software systems to gather the information you need quickly, with a focus on profitability. If you think a simpler way to manage bids and compare quotes sounds like a smart move, we can help with that.

“The cost of using Material Management Software pays for itself.”

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