Stock Pile™

Stock Pile from Material Management Software allows you to fully leverage the benefits of Vendor Managed Inventory, but without multiple apps. Entirely cloud-based, it allows you to be vendor agnostic while enabling just-in-time parts on the jobsite. It increases the speed of processing AP, too.

Connecting you with vendors like no one else.


Ties together the vendor-managed inventory on site with your vendor and your ERP


Vendor agnostic


Just-in-time part delivery and stocking


Allows AP to process faster and more accurately — get that 2% cash discount


A single app that provides accurate data exchange with 4600 branches


Entirely cloud-based, easy to onboard

What you need when and where you need it.

Turn prefab and warehouse vendors into virtual mind readers.

Does it seem like every vendor has their own app to buy and track materials? How many do you really need to manage a process? With Stock Pile it only takes one to rule them all, and consolidate and leverage the stock a vendor keeps on your trucks, prefab, or in your warehouse.

Every user can scan out the items they need based on where they are grabbing from, and Stock Pile transmits the info to that vendor in real time, keeping them up to date with what has been used so the min/max levels are maintained. This software also closes the loop by populating the unique PO and UPC/item codes into your ERP system. Nothing else in the industry ties your systems together like Stock Pile.

A tool service that businesses will appreciate.

Say you’re a plumber serving a residential customer, and you need parts from your truck to do the job. With Stock Pile, you just scan the item out of the back of the truck. This feeds back to the vendor, but more importantly feeds back to the ERP so you can accurately bill the customer.

Managing cost-plus billing is a snap with Stock Pile. Once you use it, you will wonder how you ever functioned without it. If you’re using VMI or consignment inventory and want to integrate and automate instead of frustrate, we can help with that.

“Material Management Software works with all of our major industry suppliers, which makes it easy for us to do business with them.”

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