PDF Decipher™

PDF Decipher (OCR) was developed by Material Management Software to translate PDF documents into functional data for your ERP system. Your team can rely on PDF Decipher to quickly convert documents into usable invoice or order data to upload into your system—no manual entry, ever!

Stop the flood of PDFs.


Accepts searchable and non-searchable PDFs from multiple sources


Decodes PDF automatically


Detects document type


Converts contents into usable data


Reads data and formats for transfer into your ERP


Provides multiple output formats

No keying. No coding. No kidding.

Sending information via a PDF is convenient—except when they pile up fast. Fact is, data must be entered manually, and every PDF requires content to be pulled, made viable, and then input into your system. Talk about time consuming! PDF Decipher (or Optical Character Recognition Technology) automatically pulls essential data from single or multi-page documents so that they’re ERP-ready:

  • Quotes
  • Vendor-generated invoices
  • PO acknowledgements
  • Labor statements

You can use the data as is—or tap into more Material Management Software (MMS) apps to add data that your vendor may not know, like Phase Code, Cost Code, and more. PDF Decipher is designed to integrate with our following suite of products:

  • Power Order™
  • Bids n’ Quotes™
  • Power Purchase™
  • Power Invoice™

If you think greater accuracy and less wasted time will benefit your business, we can help with that.

“When we were introduced to Material Management Software, we could clearly see how they could impact our company. No more having to come in early or stay late!”

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