Receiving Buddy™

Receiving Buddy lets subcontractors and the field know what is en route to the jobsite, and what is actually there. The app works with any vendor, and Material Management Software will help you develop a process that prevents material black holes, ensuring that you get the cash discount because invoices can be paid knowing material is where it should be.

Like GPS for job materials without pricey field hardware.


Totally paperless system


Follows trajectory of items from vendor to site to AP


Allows the purchasing manager to focus more on pricing than “where is it?”


Allows field to track deliveries and backorder notifications


Labor savings – no manual data entry required


Everyone will know what’s on the truck!

A tracking system for every item.

Keep your team and orders in sync.

Receiving Buddy was developed by Material Management Software (MMS) after talking with vendors and contractors who wanted a simple, less labor-intensive, more transparent way to track deliveries. Self-perform contractors can save time tracking inventory by streamlining the receipt of hundreds of thousands of parts.

This app allows the field to see an acknowledged order before it arrives. Remote field teams can check off the items from a detailed list, identify issues, and upload a copy of the packing slip with a phone or tablet. An easy-to-search method enables you to keep history and vendor performance statistics.

Delivering on your deliveries.

Knowing the exact status of every item that is supposed to be delivered can help your operation save time and money while eliminating a lot of frustration. The back office can now follow the material along its journey from vendor warehouse, to job site, and through the ERP to payment. If your receiving process is ready for a better way to manage field paperwork, we can help with that.

“Our old process had become a ball and chain. One short presentation was all it took ... we were all in!”

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