PONGS and PONGS+ were created with a singular purpose: to empower the field to create a PO on the move, create a detailed requisition for purchasing action, and to keep the field and office aligned by eliminating the need for manual data entry.

Get your bottom line in line.


Manages your purchase process more efficiently


Saves time (80% of the labor of creating and managing POs)


Automatically links with your accounting system so you get accurate information every time


Ties directly into your vendor partners and ERP


Increases accuracy of submissions and provides more granular information


Records actual costs and accurate details for all materials such as UPCs, item codes, etc.

Empowered, intelligent field buying and a tracking system for every PO.

Managing the back and forth is half the battle.

What is PONGS (Purchase Order Number Generation System)? Think—how many phone calls, spreadsheets or emails does it take to create and track a PO from the time of purchase into your ERP to an invoice? PONGS allows you to easily obtain a unique PO number while freeing you from managing PO numbers.

With PONGS, you can establish unique POs by function, job, geography, or user. An ERP can assign the next available number but buying confidently takes flexibility to manage and identify who is doing the buying so data is accurate when it arrives from the vendor. The ability to immediately load vendor data into your ERP makes managing materials a battle you can win.

In 2020, the average wait time for materials at the pickup window was 34 minutes.MMS can reduce waiting labor because our field tools automate a timely, accurate data exchange with 4600 branches nationwide.

MMS offers power products that can save you 2% on material, 15% on back-office labor, and 3% on direct labor costs. Those are powerful facts when you consider:

  • Only 34% of material costs are spent on materials
  • Direct labor represents 42% of the job cost
  • Back-office labor is 17% of the job cost

PONGS+ adds power to your purchase process.

PONGS+ adds even more PO# management functions and field requisitions! This software builds on PONGS by providing the field a centralized entry and tracking point for PO creation, requisitions, and quick transactions with vendors. PONGS+ shines when it comes to high-volume, low-value transactions that bog down sub-contractors. Field requisition entry and tracking keep both field and back office updated.

The field can accept a scrawl on cardboard, an Excel upload, or allow the custom materials lists you want at a global, functional, or job level. MMS makes it easy to display only what the field actually buys or needs. Why have them choose from millions of parts when they interact with just a few hundred 80% of the time?

Choose the vendors you want and MMS will help curate the list to satisfy the majority of your ordering, while supplying an easy process for the occasional non-standard part that pops up. Giving the field a tool is only good if you keep it simple to use. We understand the business, and that for every click a field guy needs to make, you lose 10% adoption.


Benefit from power with any vendor.

PONGS+ can also capture data from retail vendors, mom-and-pops, and non-traditional vendors who cannot accommodate or process data to flow directly into your system. This software uniquely interfaces with your ERP so that you can access information quickly in hyper-accurate detail (UPC, item code, etc.) —without data entry. MMS has specific vendor connections that allow you to make one-off purchases easily and also let you upload copies of receipts from your non-standard vendors.

Make huge productivity gains.

How many phone calls or emails does it take to make a PO happen? With the flexibility of PONGS and PONGS+, the process is adapted to your unique way of doing business. Each transaction flows into your accounting system so that everything is controlled from a single source of truth.

Get immediate time and labor savings.

Since 1986, our systems have been designed and have evolved to fit the needs of Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing, and ITC contractors. Ultimately, the improved accuracy and reduced cycle times protect your revenue to make your business more profitable. No one else can do what MMS can to manage your purchase process this efficiently.

“Our department is now able to focus on things that really matter. We no longer spend hours doing manual inputting of purchase orders.”

Calculate your potential savings based on PO volume.