Stop wasting labor on low-value tasks.

Busy work isn’t going to increase your billings. Assign those tasks to products from Material Management Software and you’ll have more time to do what results in real profit – numbers don’t lie.

Focus on the work that drives profit.

Material Management Software (MMS) automates and minimizes the loss of precious time from the field to the back office to your bottom line. MMS experience tracks what NECA is showing across the industry — that field and back-office demands are increasing.

This ROI calculator demonstrates how our fully vendor-integrated approach can reduce your direct labor back-office expenses, improve data accuracy, and track costs more effectively.

Discover potential back-office labor savings in hours, based on your PO volume.

Labor savings scale with additional modules.

This simple calculation tool shows the hours you can save in purchasing and accounts payable, and they are only two of the 12 MMS modules available. Hours saved reflect labor that goes into processing a PO, PO fulfillment, ERP data entry, invoice receiving, invoice processing into EPR. Actual costs may vary based on region and location.

ROI Calculator

Number of POs per month

Total labor savings (hrs)

“When we were introduced to Material Management Software, we could clearly see how they could impact our company. No more having to come in early or stay late!”

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