Power Order

Power Order from Material Management Software is the easiest way to process your purchase orders. It extracts, and presents detailed data from your vendor, while seamlessly uploading it into your accounting system. Integration means automation, so you’ll never have to manually enter a PO.

Fast. Accurate. Power Order.


Time and labor savings – no manual data entry required


Seamlessly integrates with your ERP system


Gives you more control over your purchasing process


Gives you more control over material expenditures


See the detailed data you always wish you had, without typing


Most users require only 10 minutes of training

You need more power not more people

Let your vendor do the work.

Power Order integrates the data your supplier knows about your order, with your accounting system. The app allows them to enter the specifics of any purchases, including description, item code, price, etc. All you have to do is sit back and relax as the information is automatically downloaded from their system to yours.

With Power Order, your vendor is handling the clerical work, and providing purchase orders with a remarkable level of detail. This Material Management Software (MMS) product is an ideal solution for purchase staff looking for a simple, yet comprehensive way to redefine the PO process.

Make every PO a wealth of information.

The more information added to a PO, the more accurate it is going to be. Using Power Order, you can view and process detailed information in your ERP with 100% accuracy. We all know, if the PO isn’t right, everything else is going to be a problem. Know your job cost, specific items bought, and much more, in an instant. Power Order can also save up to 80% of the time normally spent entering orders manually. Want more control and less data? We can help with that.

“We thought WOW they can solve a problem we have right now!”

Calculate your savings based on PO volume.