Power Purchase™

Power Purchase is a comprehensive, customizable suite that makes information available to you and your ERP to estimate, price, order, release, track, manage, and compare purchase trends and harness robust analytics. Integration of data allows you to access every aspect of pricing and orders, currently and historically including detailed item cross reference. If you think this could be big for your business – you’re absolutely correct.

Make your data work harder.


Ties directly into your vendor partners and ERP


Saves on labor by eliminating manual entry


Integrates vendor pricing


Integrates data from trade service or from other data clearinghouses


Handles bids and quotes and allows you to compare


Analytics on job costing, part usage, and vendor spend

Find what you want, buy what you want.

Be sure the price is right.

Purchasing is complicated on the internet. Tracking prices is just about impossible. Power Purchase connects customers with a regularly updated database of hundreds of thousands of common parts used by electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and ITC contractors. It coordinates what the field is buying, what you are buying on large project take-offs, and offers a way to manage it all.

This software allows the user to find the part, price it, see the history, then make a purchase order. Out-of-the-box capability allows you to compare functionally equivalent items by UPC or item code, and see what other vendors or manufacturers are selling for. It’s easy to compare prices between vendors and assess the prices of parts you bought in the past. Plus:

  • Integrate your vendors’ pricing based on your usage patterns
  • Release management to lock in price and deploy materials later
  • Easily process change orders
  • Integrate dates from trade service or from other data clearinghouses on what pricing of an item should be

Every requisition has a history.

Power Purchase™ integrates with PONGS™ , Receiving BuddyT™, Power Order™ , estimation, your ERP and vendors for a single point of control to manage the pricing and material flow for both planned and unplanned purchases for accurate job costing. It gives a comprehensive detailed view of all parts expended over your company’s entire history of purchase activity.

Power Purchase can also create customized reports, meaning you can make data-driven decisions to drive positive change, eliminate inefficiencies, and optimize that intelligence. In the end, it all comes back to your bottom line. If you’re ready to save 2% on material, 15% on back-office labor, and 3% on direct labor costs, we can help with that.

“We went from running our purchasing department from 100% manual input to now 80% being input automatically. We cut our headcount by two employees and the entire department is running more efficiently.”

Calculate your savings based on PO volume.