Clear-cut onboarding process.

At Material Management Software, we ensure working with us is easy for every client—knowing that no two systems are the same. From intake through activation and beyond, you can count on us to lead the way to customized solutions for increased productivity. We’re here with robust assistance to ensure that the steps to bettering your bottom line are as simple as possible.

Module Selection

Material Management Software (MMS) will partner with you to understand the intricacies of your organization, and how we can tailor our products to achieve your specific goals within your existing system. This process identifies the modules that will best serve your needs. From PONGS to Power Invoice, each product supports a different process in procurement to payment.

Vendor Connection

With 4,200 available vendors, we’ll create seamless connections that benefit everyone involved. MMS handles every aspect of this stage. After providing us with specific information, there’s nothing for you to do. Once you’re up and running, you can say goodbye to entering data by hand.

ERP Connection

MMS currently has connections to 14 different industry-leading ERPs. Whichever one you use will be integrated with your modules so that data is transferred automatically. As with your vendor connection, we’ll handle all the heavy lifting. You simply sit back until it’s go-time.

User Setup

You decide who you want to handle what, and we’ll set up your software accordingly. Your users can have as much — or as little — access as you wish. We’ll tailor your modules for different user types and the features you select. In this way, hierarchies and approvals are unique to your team.

User Training

Our user training is every bit as customized as our modules. Your unique customer processes, system features, and even best practices will be addressed as we train any person who serves a role in procurement to payment for your company. Web-based training from MMS has been fine-tuned to accommodate your team with expertise and convenience.

Launch & Beyond

The MMS launch process consists of thorough communication, training, support, and testing. In our world, that’s only the beginning. We invest in ongoing partnerships that serve our clients well. We pride ourselves on strong client relationships that have lasted for decades.

“Time is money in our business. Material Management Software products improve the operational efficiency of our company.”

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