Power Predix™

Your team is gathering data from procurement through payment with every job. Which is staggering when you think about the quantity of information that goes through your company in a single day! Power Predix turns those loads and loads of data into useful analytics that can be leveraged to positively impact your bottom line. With Power Predix, you can mine hidden gold to reveal powerful insights to access data in ways your ERP can’t.

Measure whatever you want to measure.


Know your job costing in a flash


Identify your vendor spend instantly


Evaluate item pricing by vendor over time


Check your vendor’s performance based on criteria you care about most


Use the data to manage the things most important to you


Find everything about materials purchased for a job, in seconds

Make your data work harder, instead of you.

The beauty of Power Predix is that it can slice and dice data based on numerous parameters that are important to YOU. Take in the big picture or concentrate on granular detail to make better decisions and eliminate waste. Our functions and analytics help you gain knowledge that was previously unobtainable. Like how much conduit did you buy and from where? What is your vendor spend? What kind of on-time performance did your vendors have, based on receiving? Even upload estimated pricing and compare it to your actuals.

Material Management Software (MMS) leads the industry when it comes to matching your current systems and expanding them. Power Predix takes that philosophy—and your Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing, or ITC business — to a higher level. If you’re ready to optimize the data that’s the lifeblood of your company, we can help with that.

“Work smarter, not harder!”

Calculate your savings based on PO volume.