Power Invoice™

Power Invoice is the fastest way on the planet to manage detailed POs and invoices. This Material Management Software taps into items-based data supplied by your vendors, automatically comparing your PO to invoice lines, and alerting you if errors are found. Managing invoices by exception will end the aggravation of trying to find needles in a haystack

Stop wasting time finding what’s wrong.


Manages your invoices by exception


Leverages your vendor’s data for your orders


Makes invoices easier to match with accurate PO data


Matches line items to POs


Compares lines for price and quantity


Notifies you if errors are identified

Invoices pass or show why they failed.

Instant comparison of PO to invoice.

Say goodbye to having to stare and compare invoices to PDFs when tracking down problematic outliers. The job isn’t done until the invoices are paid, which is a lot easier when you rely on automation integrated with your vendor instead of brute-force manual entry. Power Invoice™ builds on field tools, and Power Order™ or Power Purchase™, to push the accurate and timely PO information into your ERP.

As soon as a vendor transmits an invoice and PDF, you can view the invoice lines for price, quantity, discount, freight, tax, extension, and ensure the correct tax is applied. The approved invoice is then sent to the ERP for final processing and timely payment. Errors will instantly be flagged for review by your AP. Reconciling and confirming POs and invoices can now save you loads of time, every time.

Leave the detective work to us.

With Power Invoice, you know exactly what is happening with your POs and invoices. Errors cannot fly under the radar, causing time-consuming problems down the road. With your system on automatic, there won’t be any surprises when managing allocation of materials for your team. And if you’re having issues earning that 2% discount, Power Invoice can help with that, too.

You are a contractor, not Sherlock Holmes. Material Management Software (MMS) eliminates unnecessary mysteries. If you’d like to be alerted to invoice errors as soon as they happen, we can help with that.

“I’ve had a relationship with Material Management Software that has spanned two decades. This is the third company that I’ve brought Material Management Software in as a valued partner to our business.”

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